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Company News

  • 21/09/2012
    The Energy Investment Company Took Part in the Cherkasy Investment Forum
  • 05/09/2012
    The Energy Investment Company together with the Radio Liberty Has Commented on the Brown Coal Market
  • 27/08/2012
    The Energy Investment Company Was Granted a Permit for Hazardous Works for Brown Coal Production
  • 01/08/2012
    The Energy Investment Company Has Launched Overburden Works




The Energy Investment Company Opened a New Iskrenne Railway Station of the Odesa Railway for Brown Coal Transport Operations

The Energy Investment Company has opened Iskrenne railway station (code 420101) of the Odessa Railway for the Mokra Kalyhirka brown coal transport operations. Previously, the station was closed due to lack of transport operations in the region. But with the start of production at the brown coal deposit, it was reopened.
The opening of the station became possible thanks to joint efforts of the Energy Investment Company, as well as management of the Shevchenko Station of the Odesa Railway. 
"The Iskrenne station allows to daily ship up to 1.5 thousand tons of brown coal or 45 thousand MT of brown coal a month. All overburden works at the deposit have been complete, the Iskrenne station is ready to perform loading and unloading operations, we have signed preliminary agreements for brown coal supply with our potential customers. Thus, the Energy Investment Company is ready to ship new brown coal from the Mokra Kalyhirka deposit”, - says CEO of the Energy Investment Company Vasyl Tereshchenko.
The Energy Investment Company received a special permit to develop the Mokra Kalyhirka brown coal deposit in December 2011. During the first year the Company plans to produce 100 thousand tons of brown coal with a gradual increase in production to 300 thousand tons per year. The Mokra Kalyhirka brown coal will be supplied to enterprises in Ukraine, Slovakia and the Czech Republic.