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Company News

  • 23/11/2012
    The Energy Investment Company Launched a New Product - BKO (25-100) Lump Brown Coal
  • 29/10/2012
    The Energy Investment Company Opened a New Iskrenne Railway Station of the Odesa Railway for Brown Coal Transport Operations
  • 25/10/2012
    The Energy Investment Company Has Complete Overburden Works at the Brown Coal Deposit
  • 26/09/2012
    The Energy Investment Company Took Part in the Energy in Industry 2012 Exhibition




Brown Сoal For Fertilizer Production

Brown Сoal For Fertilizer Production

The Energy Investment Company provides BR-1 and 2BR for production of fertilizers (leonardite and humic acids), fossil wax, lignite wax, ozokerite and montan wax. 

The main advantages of using brown coal for fertilizers and fossil wax production are as follows:

- Reducing the cost of fertilizer production.
- High contentof humic acid and leonardite in brown coal.
- Guaranteed and consistent supply of brown coal.

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