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Company News

  • 23/11/2012
    The Energy Investment Company Launched a New Product - BKO (25-100) Lump Brown Coal
  • 29/10/2012
    The Energy Investment Company Opened a New Iskrenne Railway Station of the Odesa Railway for Brown Coal Transport Operations
  • 25/10/2012
    The Energy Investment Company Has Complete Overburden Works at the Brown Coal Deposit
  • 26/09/2012
    The Energy Investment Company Took Part in the Energy in Industry 2012 Exhibition







organic fertilizer leonardite

Energy Investment Company offers organic fertilizer leonardite for cultivation of organic products.

Characteristics of leonardite as follows:

Indicator Value
Moisture (operation ),%% 30,00 - 45,00
Ash,% 12,00
Acidity рН,% 3,00-6,40
Bitumens ( crude montan wax ), (minimum ),% 15,00
Humic acid, % 65,00 - 80,00

organic fertilizer leonardite

Elemental composition of leonardite:

N, % С, % S, % Н, % О, %
0,51 61,13 3,64 5,56 29,16

Heavy metals in leonardite ash:

we found that zinc content in leonardite ash was 46.6 μg/g; manganese – 33.1 μg/g; copper – 27.6 μg/g; nickel – 16.9 μg/g; cadmium – 0.32 μg/g; lead – 17.7 μg/g. Among the elements tested, iron has exceptional place, with content of 3.42 mg/g of ash. These values point to low heavy metal contents in the coals under testing.

Leonardite Performance may vary depending on external factors (weather conditions along the route, different times of the year). Changes in these indicators will be within acceptable standards, and they will be displayed in the contract.

Benefits of using leonardite for the production of fertilizers:

  • Eco-friendly, organic fertilizers, growth stimulator ready for direct use.
  • Increase productivity up to 40% without extra use of fertilizers
  • High ecological manufactured fertilizers - fertilizers from leonardite does not contain nitric acid and orthophosphate.
  • The ability to direct the use of leonardite as a fertilizer without further processing at a rate of 200 – 500 kg of lignite on 1 hectare of land.
  • Guaranteed and continuous supply of leonardite. Prices competitive to other producers.
  • Reclamation of land cover after the mining operations that are mined by open method.
  • Restoration of land fertility.
  • Remediation and detoxification of agricultural lands.
  • Reclamation of saline soils, as well as the detoxification of lands contaminated by anthropogenic human activities.

Results of leonardite researchResults of leonardite research