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Company News

  • 23/11/2012
    The Energy Investment Company Launched a New Product - BKO (25-100) Lump Brown Coal
  • 29/10/2012
    The Energy Investment Company Opened a New Iskrenne Railway Station of the Odesa Railway for Brown Coal Transport Operations
  • 25/10/2012
    The Energy Investment Company Has Complete Overburden Works at the Brown Coal Deposit
  • 26/09/2012
    The Energy Investment Company Took Part in the Energy in Industry 2012 Exhibition




Brown Coal Exports

Exporting Brown Coal

The Energy Investment Company is the Ukrainian investor in the energy sector of Ukraine. The Company is engaged into development and implementation of energy projects from fund raising to development of new energy efficient technologies.

From abandoned energy projects and old enterprises the Energy Investment Company creates new profitable companies by using new technologies and applying innovation. Quickly applying changes, the Company creates new profitable business directions out of energy-intensive projects.

The Company is a leading producer and trader of brown coal in Ukraine. The market share is estimated at 90%.

Extraction is performed from two biggest deposits in Ukraine, Olexandriya and Mokra Kalyhirka (Kirovohrad and Cherkasy regions respectively).

Reserves of brown coal at the Olexandriya are estimated at 485 million tons, including 63 million tons for surface mining.

The Mokra Kalyhirka deposit of brown coal is the main source of brown coal in Ukraine. It reserves are estimated at 7,76 million tons. Planned capacity of the Mokra Kalyhirka deposit is 300-600 thousand tons of brown coal per year. Production is performed at an open-pit mine.

Find characteristics of brown coal from the above mentioned deposits here.

Quality of brown coal is confirmed by the SGS International Agency and the Ukrvuhleyakist State Company certificate.

Terms for cooperation:
- Brown coal on DAP Incoterms – Ukrainian border, or FOB - Ukrainian port.
- Guaranteed supply volume of 50.000 tons per month.
- Various terms of delivery (EXW, CPT, FOB, DAP).
- Shipping within one working day upon receipt of an application.

Moreover, the Company has developed technologies and technical conditions for mixing brown coal from Czech Republic with brown coal from Ukraine (BR-1) for pulverized burning.
When developing the mix, aggregate computation method is applied depending on characteristics of types of brown coal used for mixing. The final mix complies with all requirements for boilers and coal pulverization systems of power stations. Such mixes have been successfully used at the Ukrainian Ladyzhyn and Zaporozye power stations for over 2 years.

Mixing brown coal produced in Ukraine with a Sulphur index of 1,99% with brown coal produced in Czech Republic with a Sulphur index of 0.5% in the above mentioned ratio will result in a Sulphur index of less than 1% (0.99%), which complies with all European regulations. Moreover, mixing technologies allow to save up to 10 euro per ton resulting in great optimization of procurement cost.

Moreover, the Energy Investment Company offers the smallest cost per 1 MJ compared to the cost of 1 MJ of brown coal with similar characteristics produced in other countries. For example, 1 MJ of brown coal produced in Ukraine costs 3.02 euro per 1 MJ, while 1 MJ of brown coal produced in Czech Republic costs 4.74 euro per 1 MJ.